Lotus Basics

What is the shelf life of a product after it has been opened?
The energy concentrates are good for 9 months from production.

What is the super cream?
It is our proprietary cream that does not separate in beverages. It elevates every flavor you add it to! You can use it in hot and cold drinks. It’s also really great for blending. For more information, click here.

Do I store in the fridge after opening?
No. Lotus products are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. 


Ordering and Wholesale

Do I have to be a coffee shop or café to order Lotus? 
No, anyone can place an order on our website.

How do I get my new customer 20% off code? 
Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive a welcome email. If you signed up, but did not receive your code, please check your junk mail.

The Buy2 code isn’t working for me?
If the shipping exceeds $25 the code needs to be applied manually on our end.
To fix simply email Info@lotusenergydrinks.com include your order number explaining you need the Buy2 code applied.

Can I apply more than one discount code? 
Our system will not allow us to apply more than one discount code, unfortunately. 

Who do I contract to order Lotus for my coffee shop?
Please email info@lotusenergydrinks.com to set up an account or find your nearest distributor who sells Lotus.

How can I get a wholesale account?
Go to the website and we can help you with a wholesale account if you are a retailer. Click here to contact us.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping depends on who you choose as your shipping option and where you live. It will let you know once you reach checkout.
Where do you ship from?
Products ship from our distribution center in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Nutrition, Health and Caffeine

Does this come sugar free?
Yes. Our Skinny Energy Concentrates are less than 5 calories and contain a thermogenic fat burner from green tea, which is also keto diet friendly.

What type of sugar do you use?
Our Lotus Energy Concentrates contain Pure Cane Sugar (not from bone char).

Are your skinny concentrates gluten free? 

Where I can find nutritional facts for Skinny Lotus? 
You can click on the skinny item of your choice on our website and scroll down to see the nutritional facts.

What do you make with the Cascara? 
Cascara utilizes the coffee fruit and can be used the same way as all of our other energy concentrates. Click here to view our recipes.

Are your products vegan? 
Lotus Energy Concentrates are vegan. 
Is Lotus Cream dairy free?
Super Cream contains Whey. Oat Cream is dairy free.
Can type 1 diabetic drink Lotus? 
Our skinny lotus that is sugar free. However, we are not health professionals and recommend asking your physician
What is the difference between the Cascara line and the colored Lotus Energy Line?
The cascara line utilizes the coffee fruit and is 30% stronger than the regular energy line.
Does one have more caffeine than the other? 
Lotus Energy concentrate contains 80mg per 6oz serving (1oz of Lotus energy).
Where can I get Lotus plastic cups?
Please inquire at info@lotusenergydrinks.com.
Is Lotus Energy safe for kids?
Yes. Please note that Lotus Energy contains caffeine.

Does your product contain dyes?
Only blue lotus contains blue #1. None of the other products contain dye. They are made with natural colors. 


Recipes and Flavor

Do you have popular drinks recipes?
Yes you can download recipe guides and mixing guides on our website from the download section. https://lotusenergydrinks.com/collections/mixing-guides-and-recipes

How many pumps of Super Cream do you use for your drinks?
1/2oz for Lotus Fusions, 2oz for Lotus Energy Whips

Do you mix club soda with Lotus?
Yes, you can mix any carbonated water, however we do not recommend mixing it with tonic water.

Does skinny Lotus taste much different than regular Lotus?
No, the flavor profiles are the same. Skinny does not contain cane sugar, so the mouth feel is a bit different like most low calorie drinks that are not full of sugar.

What’s the difference in flavors?
The difference in the flavors are the super fruits we use in each different Lotus product.

  • Red Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Tart Cherry (plant based formula closest to Red Bull)
  • Blue Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Blueberry and Acai
  • Pink Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Tart Cherry and Red Raspberry
  • Purple Lotus – Our proprietary blend with Elderberry and Black Raspberry

What is White Lotus?
This universal, clear energy concentrate has unlimited beverage uses and post-mix ability through multiple dispensing systems with a single product! This clean label, colorless concentrate has the original flavor and strength of Lotus in its purest form without the addition of added super fruit flavors. White Lotus can be mixed with all of your favorite flavored syrups to create any color in the rainbow! White Lotus plant-based formula features coffee fruit (cascara), elevated with nature's elite "adaptogenic” botanicals, natural caffeine from green coffee beans, and pure cane sugar. White Lotus Energy offers superior taste and function at less than half the cost of market-leading energy drinks with unlimited possibilities!

Where do I get the syrups that you mix with Lotus?
Lotus Fruit Fusions are available on the website here. For a business, contact your local Monin or Torani rep. For personal use, you can find them online.



Is it safe to drink while pregnant?
Lotus contains natural caffeine and botanicals which may be harmful during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before consuming.

Can you drink this while breastfeeding?
Lotus contains natural caffeine and botanicals which may be harmful during breast feeding. Please consult your doctor before consuming.


Have another question we didn't answer? Please contact us! 

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