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Lotus Plant Power was developed in 2007 to support the interconnection of mind, body and spirit health. We embrace the transformative power of plants with vibrant color, taste and vitalization to evoke the senses to a feeling of happiness, harmony and life in balance. Our journey led us around the world to discover 7 of Earth's power plants we used to create our proprietary formula we call PP7™ (Plant Power 7).

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To help revitalize the human system from the stressors of daily life with clean plant energy.


To live life on a higher vibrant level, in balance with mind, body and spirit.

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Empowering people to have freedom of self expression. 


Plant based ingredients that harmonize in the human system. 


Ingredients from nature's garden with packaging that reduces our carbon footprint.


  • 2007 Lotus introduces Lotus flower energy drinks that coincide with the 7 lotus flowers.
  • 2009 Lotus introduces adaptogens into their plant-based formula, Lotus Plant Energy 7 (PE7™).
  • 2014 Awarded Supply Side West Beverage of the Year for integration of a botanical energy drink.
  • 2015 Lotus creates the first 'pump & serve' plant energy concentrate for specialty coffee, bars and clubs, restaurants, and more.
  • 2016 Lotus creates Lotus Skinny Energy Concentrates featuring thermogenic fat burner, EGCG from green tea.
  • 2020 Lotus launches Power Up plant-based energy booster featuring PE7™.
  • 2024 Lotus launches RTD cans - Lotus Plant Power Drinks™