White Lotus

White Lotus Energy Concentrate adds a new dimension to Lotus's plant-based energy drinks. This pure energy concentrate has the original flavor of Lotus that can be mixed with any flavored syrups to create any color in the rainbow! White Lotus features Lotus' PE7™, our proprietary blend of earth’s 7 most powerful plants specifically formulated to provide balanced energy in the human system. Naturally caffeinated with green coffee beans, White Lotus offers superior taste and function at less than half the cost of market-leading energy drinks!
White Lotus is also available in Skinny, Keto-friendly with just 5 calories and 2 grams of sugar! Lotus Skinny offers the same great taste and function as our regular Lotus. It features a proprietary thermogenic formula with a body fat/calorie burner from Green Tea (EGCG Extract) along with Lotus' PE7™.
Lotus Plant Energy 7™
Coffee Fruit, Lotus Flower, Adaptogens - Schisandra Berry and Rhodiola Rosea, Green Coffee Bean, Guayusa Tea, Green Tea (EGCG Extract)