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Lotus Energy is the original, and #1 selling, multiple award-winning, plant energy concentrate in the USA.  Lotus has quickly become the preferred energy drink of choice throughout the specialty beverage industry amongst baristas, bartenders and foodservice professionals.

 The Lotus Energy story began in 2007 to help people everywhere meet their energy needs through conscious consumption. Lotus feature’s clean energy, powered by plants that harmonizes with the human system as a healthy energy alternative.

Typical canned energy drinks contain artificial, synthetic ingredients with associated health risks. Lotus Energy feature's Coffee Fruit (Cascara) to fuel a vibrant, healthy, plant-powered lifestyle, while introducing consumers to another efficacious part of the coffee plant.

  Each half gallon of our efficient pump & serve concentrate equals approximately 2 cases of 8.4 oz canned energy drinks to help reduce the environmental impact from cans and also up-cycling Cascara (coffee fruit). Lotus mixes with all your favorite flavored syrups for world's best flavor infused energy drinks. Just add soda water, Pump-Serve & Enjoy! 

 Are you an established wholesale distributor and interested in our products,  please contact us for more information through our website at https://lotusenergydrinks.com.


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