Lotus Elixirs - 4 Pack - Red Lotus

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LOTUS BOTANICAL ELIXIRS - Feature's the legendary lotus flower, offering Plant-Based-Energy. Naturally crafted with adaptogenic botanicals, featuring the legendary lotus flower with delicious antioxidant-rich superfruits, natural caffeine with nothing artificial added and GMO-free. The ultimate refreshment to awaken and balance mind & body. Lotus Elixirs come in 4 delicious super fruit infused flavors, Wild Berry, Raspberry, Cranberry and NEW, Sugar-Free; Citrus/Peach. Featuring 12oz sleek cans that conveniently fit in a purse, backpack, or briefcase.

  • PLANT BASED ENERGY: Features "Adaptogenic Botanicals", Superfruits and Natural Caffeine
  • FLOWER POWER: Features the Iconic Lotus Flower to Balance Mind and Body.
  • NATURALLY CRAFTED: No Artificial Ingredients:
  • LOW SUGAR: Only 60 calories Per Can and GMO-Free.
  • DELICIOUS: Sparkling, Mixed Berry Super-Fruit Infused.

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